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AIALAB training course - Art and artificial intelligence

AIALAB training course - Art and artificial intelligence

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About AIALab

  • Age: from 13
  • School level:Secondary 2 and 3 (Quebec)

Chapters of the Learning Path

  • Introduction to AI: Discover AI in a captivating way by exploring the notions of algorithm, operation and the limits of AI.
  • History of AI: Dive into the evolution of AI, from its origins to its current importance.
  • Ethics of AI: Analyse how algorithms make decisions and explore the ethical issues surrounding voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.
  • AI and Visual Art: Learn how AI can dramatically transform static images.
  • AI and Music: Passionate about music? Explore music composition with AI. Write melodies and create unique rhythms, challenging the traditional limits of musical composition.
  • AI and Poetry: Dive into a creative workshop that merges poetry writing with AI.

Main Features

  • A complete course for a class, covering the basics of AI and its intersection with art.
  • Educational activity sheets to lead the workshop in class.
  • Fun approach with interactive games for hands-on understanding.
  • Specialised modules on history, ethics, visual art, music and poetry.
  • Designed in Quebec with a unique perspective on AI and its artistic impact.