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AIALAB workshop - Art and artificial intelligence

AIALAB workshop - Art and artificial intelligence

Les ateliers sont animés par les équipes de GénieLab pour une expérience 100% immersive.

Un atelier pour faire découvrir les possibilités de l'intelligence artificielle aux jeunes dès l'âge de 10 ans. Création visuelle, poésie ou encore reconnaissance des émotions, découvrez les outils développés par GénieLab pour réaliser des ateliers captivants en école ou en bibliothèque.

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Further information

About AIALab

  • Age: from 13
  • School level:Secondary 2 and 3 (Quebec)

Chapters of the Learning Path

  • Introduction to AI: Discover AI in a captivating way by exploring the notions of algorithm, operation and the limits of AI.
  • History of AI: Dive into the evolution of AI, from its origins to its current importance.
  • Ethics of AI: Analyse how algorithms make decisions and explore the ethical issues surrounding voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.
  • AI and Visual Art: Learn how AI can dramatically transform static images.
  • AI and Music: Passionate about music? Explore music composition with AI. Write melodies and create unique rhythms, challenging the traditional limits of musical composition.
  • AI and Poetry: Dive into a creative workshop that merges poetry writing with AI.

Main Features

  • A complete course for a class, covering the basics of AI and its intersection with art.
  • Educational activity sheets to lead the workshop in class.
  • Fun approach with interactive games for hands-on understanding.
  • Specialised modules on history, ethics, visual art, music and poetry.
  • Designed in Quebec with a unique perspective on AI and its artistic impact.