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Techno-creation training

Techno-creation training

Training sessions are provided by GénieLab teams to help you implement the kits at your facility.

The Tinka the electrifying ladybug techno-creation training explores skills in technological awareness, as well as circuits and electricity. We work with you to assess and develop new skills within your teams.

Our commitment translates into optimizing your teams' skills through close, attentive collaboration. Our customized training courses are meticulously crafted to impart key knowledge to your team, strengthening your ability to reach your audience and increase your influence. Our team of seasoned experts is with you every step of the way, offering invaluable assistance in creating tailor-made solutions for your users.

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Information about Tinka

The Tinka, the electrifying ladybug workshop kit teaches youngsters the basics of electrical circuits and the components needed to light up the ladybug's lights, while our team guides them through the many creative possibilities offered by these simple objects.


  • Age: 7-12 years
  • Duration: 60-75 min

Each workshop kit contains:

  • Tinka circuit board with switch;
  • 4 LED lights (and 1 spare);
  • 1 AAA battery holder;
  • Conductive adhesive tape;
  • Assembly guide;
  • All in a rigid cardboard envelope.

Materials not included required for assembly:

  • Scissors;
  • 2 AAA batteries;
  • Pipe cleaners.

Tinka, the electrifying ladybug