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Gonzo kit

Gonzo kit

The techno-creation kit Gonzo, the robot that doodles, stimulates creativity by merging art and electronics. Participants will learn how to create a scribbler robot producing unique designs using simple, easily available at home and recyclable materials.

In parallel, they will develop fundamental skills in circuits and electricity, as well as in playful robotics and technological awakening. This course encourages young people to explore the parameters that influence a robot’s behavior, including the choice, layout and movement of its components. An electrifying experience for drawing enthusiasts!

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    Information about Gonzo

    Gonzo, the scribbling robot!

    The Gonzo the scribbling robot workshop kit stimulates creativity by combining art and electronics. Participants will discover how to create a scribbling robot that will produce unique drawings using simple materials that can be found at home and recycled!

    Young people will explore the parameters that dictate the behavior of a simple robot, including the choice, arrangement and movement of its components. Drawing has never been so electrifying!


    • Age: 7-13 years old
    • Duration: 60-75 mins

    Each workshop kit contains:

    • 1 Electric motor;
    • 1 Engine door;
    • 2 AAA Batteries;
    • 1 AAA battery holder;
    • 3 felt-tip pens;
    • 1 Propeller;
    • Sheet of cardboard with cutting lines;
    • Decoration stickers;
    • Assembly guide;
    • All in a rigid cardboard envelope.

    Hardware not included required for assembly:

    • Adhesive tape;
    • Scissors.