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Tinka kit

Tinka kit

Discover the fascinating world of electric circuits with Tinka, the electrifying ladybug! This kit allows young people to explore the basics of electrical circuits and essential components to illuminate small lights on the body of the ladybug.

Through this immersive experience, participants are encouraged to develop their technological awareness while understanding the fundamental concepts of circuits and electricity. Immerse yourself in this stimulating workshop and let the curiosity of young people flourish in the captivating world of electronics!

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      Informations about Tinka

      The Tinka the Electrifying Ladybug kit allows young people to learn the basics of electrical circuits and the components necessary to turn on little lights on the ladybug.

      During the workshops, our team guides young people by showing them the many creative possibilities offered by these simple objects.


      • Age: 7-12 years old
      • Duration: 60-75 mins

      Each workshop kit contains:

      • Tinka printed circuit with switch;
      • 4 LED lights (and 1 spare);
      • 1 AAA battery holder;
      • Conductive adhesive tape;
      • Assembly guide;
      • All in a rigid cardboard envelope.

      Hardware not included required for assembly:

      • Scissors;
      • 2 AAA Batteries;
      • Pipe cleaners.

      Tinka, the electrifying ladybug